20 year-old Justice Afekah grew up in a ramshackle town in the southern part of Ghana, deep in the country’s gold belt.  After his mother left the family and his father fell on hard times, he was forced to become the breadwinner for himself and his brother.  He dropped out of high school and joined an illegal mining camp in hopes of striking it rich and perhaps one day being able to go back to school.  But after working in the camp for several weeks, the reality of the harsh mining world comes crashing in on him, and he’s forced to make the toughest decision of his life.




CamA4497_01Maxwell Duuroh is a precocious and energetic 16-year-old who loves soccer and hopes to one day become a soldier. But growing up in the harsh, dry northern part of Ghana, he had to drop out of middle school and go work with his father in the gold mines to help support his large family.  When Afrikids begins supporting his efforts in school, Maxwell gets a second chance at his dreams.  But problems with his classmates and father make school difficult for the teen, and the future of Maxwell’s education remains uncertain.






After nearly perishing inside a gold pit after a tunnel cave-in, James Bingo has devoted his life to getting children out of mining.  Working with Afrikids, an organization dedicated to stopping child labor, he spends his days riding his motorcycle through the countryside over unpaved roads in order to urge parents and children to stay in school.  Maxwell turns out to be one of his toughest cases, and he has a difficult time convincing the boy’s family that the benefits gained from school far outweigh the loss of his gold income.  Despite his best efforts, he fears that Maxwell will give into the pressures and return to the deadly gold pits.